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Ekesa-Onyango, Beatrice

Beatrice Ekesa, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Marketing diversity and Production and marketing of banana and tree crops, Bioversity International

Associate Scientist, Nutrition

Beatrice's current work involves developing, managing and coordinating implementation of a number of nutrition-related research grants within Bioversity International and working across different countries, with both international and national partners in Eastern and Central Africa. The main research areas that Beatrice has been working on for the last nine years involve strengthening the linkages between production systems, including related social dynamics with access to diverse and nutritious diets. 

Beatrice joined Bioversity International in September 2007 as an Associate Expert-Nutrition working on assessing the potential contribution of banana based systems on food and nutrition security of smallholder households within Eastern Africa.

Before she joined Bioversity International, Beatrice worked as a District Nutrition Officer within the Ministry of Health in Kenya.



PhD in Foods and Nutrition with special focus on retention and bioaccessibility of micronutrients

MSc in Community Nutrition and Development

Bachelor of Education (BED) in Homescience and Technology

Publication highlights:

Ekesa, B., Nabuuma, D., Kennedy, G. and Van den Bergh, I. (2017). Sensory evaluation of provitamin A carotenoid-rich banana cultivars on trial for potential adoption in Burundi and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Fruits 72(5), 261-272. DOI: 10.17660/th2017/72.5.1. 

Beatrice Ekesa, Deborah Nabuuma, Guy Blomme, Inge Van Den Bergh: Provitamin A carotenoid content of unripe and ripe banana cultivars for potential adoption in eastern Africa. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 06/2015; 43., DOI:10.1016/j.jfca.2015.04.003.