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Fadda, Carlo

Carlo Fadda joined Bioversity International in 2004 in Vietnam, where he spent almost three years as part of a project to manage agrobiodiversity in situ. Carlo has managed projects in China, Ecuador, Morocco, Kenya, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, and Tanzania, among others. In 2015, Carlo moved to Ethiopia to establish Bioversity’s office in the country. From 2016, he represented all Bioversity's country offices on the Senior Management Team. For the last six years, he led the ‘Seeds for Needs’ research team, which matches genetic diversity to farmers' needs and brings material from genebanks back into production systems. His work centres on the understanding that conservation and use of genetic resources cannot be decoupled from rural development, livelihoods, and economics. He has a PhD in evolutionary biology and zoology from the Sapienza University of Rome. Carlo is also an adjunct researcher at Scuola S. Anna Pisa in Italy. He is based in Nairobi.



PhD, Evolutionary Biology and Zoology

MSc, Biology, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy

Publication highlights:

W. Mulumba, R. Nankya, J. Adokorach, C. Kiwuka, C. Fadda, P. De Santis, D.I. Jarvis d, 2012. A risk-minimizing argument for traditional crop varietal diversity use to reduce pest and disease damage in agricultural ecosystem of Uganda. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment (in press).

Jarvis, D., Hodgkin, T.; Sthapit, B., Fadda, C., Lopez-Noriega, I., 2011. An Heuristic Framework for Identifying Multiple Ways of Supporting the Conservation and Use of Traditional Crop Varieties within the Agricultural Production System. Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 30 (1-2), pp. 125-176(52)