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Fanzo, Jessica

Member of Bioversity International Inc, US Board of Trustees

Jessica Fanzo is an American scientist known throughout the world not only as an expert in nutrition, immunology and the promotion of biodiversity, but also and above all for her unwavering commitment to address hunger in developing countries.

Jessica Fanzo received her PhD in nutrition in 2000 at the University of Arizona, before completing a 4-year postdoctoral fellowship in immunology at Columbia University in New York City.

After spending three years working on programmes focused on global health, in particular, HIV/AIDS for the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. She then directed her research towards nutrition and health at Columbia University, as the Nutrition Director at the Earth Institute Centre for Global Health and Economic Development (CGHED).

In 2010, she joined Bioversity International, in order as she puts it, "to gain a better understanding of how biodiversity in agricultural ecosystems can sustainably improve the availability and nutritional quality of food and diets, while at the same time increasing producers’ incomes."

She enjoys teaching and in January 2013 became Assistant Professor in Paediatrics at Columbia University’s Institute of Human Nutrition and Department of Paediatrics, in New York.

Recent publications: 

2014 Johnston J.; Fanzo J.; and B. Cogill. Understanding Sustainable Diets: A descriptive analysis of the determinants and processes that influence diets and their impact on health, food security and environmental sustainability. Advances in Nutrition Vol 5, No 4. 2014.