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Fungo, Robert

Robert Fungo, Consultant, Nutrition, Bioversity International

Consultant, Nutrition

Robert Fungo is a Ugandan national. Since 2011, he  has been leading the nutrition activities of the 'Beyond Timber, Congo Basin Forest Project', implemented in Central Africa sub-region.

Robert has supported national partner institutions of Cameron, DR Congo and Gabon implement nutrition project activities. The project is assessing and reconciling the needs of forest inhabitants with those of the logging industries through policy.

Since 2010, Robert has worked in Benin on various projects including the 'Fruits Trees' project that was implemented in the Sahelian countries of Togo, Benin, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and dry lands of Madagascar.



MSc Food Science and Technology

PhD Applied Human Nutrition (ongoing)

Publication highlights:
Fungo, R. and Pillay, M (2011). ß-Carotene content of selected banana genotypes from Uganda. African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 10 (28): 5423-5430

Fungo R, Kikafunda JK, and M Pillay (2010).  ß-carotene, iron and zinc content in Papua New Guinea and East African Highland bananas. The African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development. Vol. 10. (6) 2629-2644.