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Gaisberger, Hannes

In 2009 Hannes Gaisberger, an Austrian national, started working at Bioversity International on the development and data integration of Bioversity’s Collecting Mission database representing the geo-referenced germplasm samples collected over the last 35 years by the institute. He supervised various interns who helped scanning the mission related documents and extracting the relevant passport and environmental data.

He also carried out the spatial analysis of genetic data and climatic variables to define conservation priorities for Prunus africana.

Currently he is working on multiple projects including ecological niche and climate modeling, threat mapping, georeferencing, spatial analysis of genetic data and other GIS related activities.

After completing his postgraduate Master he starting working in the GIS-Unit of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) generating emergency operation maps as well as managing and updating a global spatial infrastructure database.



MSc Biology, University of Salzburg, Austria

Postgraduate Master in GIS and remote sensing, University Roma III, Italy

Publication highlights:

Gaisberger H, Kindt R, Loo J, Schmidt M, Bognounou F, et al. (2017) Spatially explicit multi-threat assessment of food tree species in Burkina Faso: A fine-scale approach. PLOS ONE 12(9): e0184457.

Vinceti B., Loo J., Gaisberger H., van Zonneveld M. J., Schueler S., Konrad H., Kadu C. A. C., Geburek T., 2013. Conservation Priorities for Prunus africana Defined with the Aid of Spatial Analysis of Genetic Data and Climatic Variables. PLoS ONE

Gaisberger H., Matteis L., Thormann I., Arnaud E., Mattei F., Strafella I., Lambiase S., 2013. Bioversity Collecting Mission Online Database. Four decades of collecting mission data online: an agricultural heritage of cultivated plants and their wild relatives.