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Grazioli, Francesca

Junior Professional Officer, Cacao Genetic Resources

Francesca Grazioli is a Junior Professional Officer (JPO) assigned to Bioversity International by the Government of Italy. She is working as a Research Support Officer for the Cacao Genetic Resources Team to implement projects that identify genetic materials to target climate change  adaptation, in collaboration with the whole spectrum of the cocoa value chain. She assists with the development of policy and legal frameworks for sharing cacao genetic diversity for multi-site evaluation to increase resilience to climate change. At the moment, she is also supporting the impact evaluation of the Cocoa of Excellence Programme (CoEx).

Before joining Bioversity International, Francesca worked as an economist for the Food and Agriculture Organization on household food resilience and food security in the Sub-Saharan area, where she was responsible for questionnaire design, data collection, result and policy analysis and on-field training.

Francesca has a background in economics and social sciences, with a focus on development economics and food justice. She completed a masters degree in food culture, human ecology, and sustainability at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy. Her research interests are food social justice, food policy, food diversity and sustainability.



MSc in Food Culture, Human Ecology and Sustainability at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo, Italy

MSc in Economics and Social Sciences, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

BSc in Economics and Social Sciences, Bocconi Univeristy, Milan, Italy

Publication highlights

D’Errico M., Grazioli F., Pietrelli R., 2017. Cross-Country Evidence of the Relationship between Resilience and the Subjective Perception of Well-Being and Social Inclusion: Evidence from the Regions of Matam (Senegal) and the Triangle of Hope (Mauritania). Journal of International Development.

Grazioli F., 2016. “Roma Communities in Italy: the Table as a Formative Space between Self and Community”. Graduate Journal of Food Studies, Vol. III, N. 1, September 2016.