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Johnson, Vincent

Vincent Johnson, Process Manager and Science Editor at Bioversity International

Process Manager and Science Editor

Vincent joined Bioversity International in April 2008 since when he has been working as the Process Manager and Science Editor for research themes such as production and marketing of bananas and tree crops and conservation and use of bananas and tree crops in Montpellier, France.

Vincent is responsible for ensuring timely submission of good quality proposals, donor technical reports, and research grant contracts, as well as contributing to scientific articles and other institutional publications, and also providing ad hoc program-support in other areas.

Vincent's main ambition is to contribute towards a sustainable improvement in global quality of life. He is a UK citizen and worked as a private-sector agronomist for UK farmers for more than 25-years, helping to manage 12,000 acres of temperate crops.

Between 2001 and 2004 he worked as a humanitarian aid-worker in rural Cambodia, on integrated community development programs, project evaluations and field surveys.

From 2004 to 2008 he returned to UK agronomy work, also working as a part-time lecturer in plant and soil science. Amongst many leisure pursuits, he is a performing singer and musician, enjoys creative writing and is a passionate naturalist. 



British Agrochemical Supply Industry Scheme agronomy license (BASIS) 1978 
Fertilizer Advisers Certification Training scheme license (FACTS) 1994 
Biodiversity and Environmental Training for Advisers in Agriculture (BETA) 2005

MSc International Development, (specializing in monitoring and evaluation), Bath University, UK 2000

Post-graduate diploma in Management Studies - Kingston University, UK, 1992

Post-graduate diploma in Crop Protection (Harper-Adams Agricultural University, UK,1978

BSc Botany - Durham University, UK, 1977.

Publication highlights:

Cueto CA, VB Johnson, R Bourdeix, F Engelmann, A Kembu, JL Konan, M Kouassi Kan, CM Oropeza Salín, RL Rivera, V Vidhanaarachchi, and SF Weise. 2012. Technical guidelines for the safe movement and duplication of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) germplasm using embryo culture transfer protocols. COGENT; Bioversity International, Montpellier, France.

R Bourdeix, A Prades, C, Picq and V. Johnson (2017) Brochure on new Global Strategy for Coconut Genetic Resources Conservation and Use, Bioversity International (full version in press)

Ekesa, Beatrice (corresponding author); Johnson, V; Kennedy G; Nabuuma D; Van den Bergh, I and Ocimati, W. A (2017) Community Resource Persons’ Training Guide: Improving Food and Nutrition Security through Banana-based Farming Systems and foods