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Jones, Sarah

Associate Scientist, Sustainable Agricultural Production

Sarah Jones is an Associate Scientist in the Multifunctional Landscapes team based in Montpellier, France. Her research seeks to understand how to diversify farms and landscapes to produce nutritious food in an ecologically and socially sustainable way. Sarah leads the WLE Sustainable Foods through diversity-based practices project (2019-21) where the team are conducting global meta-analyses to quantify the impact of diversified farming on biodiversity, soil health, yield stability, and the cost of transitioning from simplified to diversified farms. She helped develop the Agrobiodiversity Index which collates data on biodiversity in food and agriculture to inform food system policy, and co-leads the Alliance Agroecology Transitions Nexus, working on how to implement and scale agroecology for more sustainable food systems. Sarah is a researcher on the FOLU Food, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Land-use and Energy (FABLE) initiative (2017-present) leading work on quantifying agriculture’s contribution to achieving global biodiversity targets. She is also part of the EU TRANSITIONS project (2021-24) working on improving metrics and tools for monitoring agroecology.

Before joining Bioversity International, Sarah worked as a Senior Consultant on environmental impact assessment and sustainability projects at Temple Group environmental consultancy, and as a GIS and Environment Specialist at Environmental Research and Assessment in Cambridge. 



Research Gate profile


PhD on Sustainable agricultural intensification, King’s College London, UK

Publication highlights:

Sánchez, A.C., Estrada-Carmona, N., Juventia, S.D. & Jones, S.K. 2021. The Impact of Diversified Farming Practices on Terrestrial Biodiversity Outcomes and Agricultural Yield Worldwide: A Systematic Review Protocol. Methods and Protocols. 4(1):8.

Juventia, S.D., Jones, S.K., Laporte, M.A., Remans, R., Villani, C. & Estrada-Carmona, N. 2020. Text Mining National Commitments towards Agrobiodiversity Conservation and Use. Sustainability. 12(2):715.

Jones, S.K., Boundaogo, M., DeClerk, F.A., Estrada-Carmona, N., Mirumachi, N. & Mulligan, M. 2019. Insights into the importance of ecosystem services to human well-being in reservoir landscapes. Ecosystem Services. 39:100987.