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López Noriega, Isabel

Isabel López Noriega works as a policy specialist on the Policies for Crop and Tree Diversity management' research area at Bioversity International.

She studied law at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, and has a MA in environment management and a MA in international law.

Her area of expertise is in biodiversity law and she has been involved in a number of research projects looking at the impacts of policies and legal frameworks on different actors’ capacity to access, use, conserve and exchange natural resources, and particularly crop genetic resources.

Prior to joining Bioversity International, she was at the UNESCO Chair for the Environment at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.



Five-Year Law Degree. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

Masters Degree on Environmental Management. Universidad de Cadiz (Spain)

Masters Degree on International Environmental Law. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid (Spain)

Publication highlights:

López Noriega, Isabel; Halewood, Michael; Galluzzi, Gea; Vernooy, Ronnie; Bertacchini, Enrico; Gauchan, Devendra; Welch, Eric. 2013. How Policies Affect the Use of Plant Genetic Resources: The Experience of the CGIAR. Resources, 2 (3): 231-269.

López Noriega, I., Halewood, M., Lapeña, I. (eds.) (2013). The multilateral system of access and benefit-sharing. Case studies on implementation in Kenya, Morocco, Philippines and Peru. Pp. 160. Bioversity International, Rome.