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Marimo, Pricilla

Pricilla is an Associate Scientist at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT based in Kampala, Uganda. She joined Bioversity International in 2016 as a CGIAR Gender Post-Doctoral Fellow. Her main research has focused on integrating gendered knowledge of various banana value chain actors into the banana-breeding process using participatory approaches. Field activities have been conducted with national partners in East Africa (Uganda and Tanzania). Pricilla’s research interests include understanding socio-economic and gender related issues in agricultural development particularly technology adoption and preferences; understanding human behavior, choice and decision-making processes; improving information dissemination and data use for various end users and use of behavioural insights in public policy.

Previously, Pricilla was a:

  • Gender Post-doctoral fellow at Bioversity International
  • Research Manager at the Center for the Study of Development Economics at Northwestern University, USA
  • Research Fellow at The African Centre for Gender - United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in Ethiopia



Ph.D. Economics, University of Exeter, UK
M.S. Agricultural & Applied Economics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), USA
B.Sc (Hons) Agricultural Economics, University of Zimbabwe

Publication highlights:

Marimo, P., Caron, C., Van den Bergh, I., Crichton, R., Weltzien, E., Ortiz, R. and Tumuhimbise, R. (2020). Gender and trait preferences for banana cultivation and use in Sub-Saharan Africa: A literature review. Economic Botany 74(2), 226-41.        

Kilwinger F.B.M., Marimo P., Rietveld A.M., Van Dam Y. and Almekinders C.J.M. (2020). Not only the seed matters: Farmers’ perceptions of sources for banana planting materials in Uganda. Outlook on Agriculture 49(2), 119-132.      

Marimo, P., Karamura, D., Tumuhimbise, R., Shimwela, M.M., Van den Bergh, I., Batte, M., Massawe, CRS., Okurut, A.W., Mbongo, D.B., Crichton, R. 2019. Post-harvest use of banana in Uganda and Tanzania: Product characteristics and cultivar preferences of male and female farmers. Lima (Peru). International Potato Center. RTB Working Paper 2019-3. ISSN 2309-6586. 47 p.