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Morimoto, Yasu

Yasu Morimoto, Associate Scientist, Ethnobotany,Genetic Diversity, Bioversity International

Associate Scientist, Ethnobotany/Genetic Diversity

Yasuyuki Morimoto, a Japanese national, joined Bioversity International in 2004 where he has managed several projects aiming to examine opportunities for local farmers and communities to adapt to change, build resilience and create new opportunities for development using crop diversity.

The project research sites are based in East Africa, dominated by rain-fed, smallholder-managed agricultural ecosystems, with significant rural poverty, in various ecosystem landscapes.

Output of this research ensures community development based on optimum utilization of the agricultural biodiversity for low inputs sustainable food production and use of opportunities provided by outside interventions.



PhD Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan

MSc Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan