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Panis, Bartholomeus

Bart Panis, Senior Scientist, Banana Conservation at Bioversity International

Senior Scientist, Banana Conservation

Bart Panis, a Belgian national, is currently responsible for the banana collection that is conserved in liquid nitrogen.

In the framework of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas, he is among others involved in the development of conservation technologies with a focus establishing cryopreservation protocols for a wide variety of plant species (much of this research happens in collaboration with CG Centers like CIP, CIAT and IITA).

He is now also developing storage protocols for banana botanical seed. Moreover he is involved in research that is aiming at unravelling drought tolerance mechanisms in banana using phenotyping and proteomics.

Bart started his carrier in 1989 as research assistant at KU Leuven where he was involved in the development of embryogenic cell suspensions, regenerable protoplasts and techniques for genetic engineering of banana.

He obtained his PhD degree in 1995 on cryopreservation of Musa spp., a technique that he later on applied as post-doc and research manager on more than 40 plant species.



MSc Agricultural Sciences (1986), KU Leuven, Belgium

Cerficiate Cellular Biotechnology (1987), KU Leuven, Belgium

PhD Applied Biological Sciences (1995), KU Leuven, Belgium

Publication highlights:

Panis B., Piette B. and Swennen R., 2005. Droplet vitrification of apical meristems: a cryopreservation protocol applicable to all Musaceae. Plant Science 168:45-55.

Carpentier S., Witters E.,  Laukens K., Deckers P., Swennen R. and Panis B., 2005. Preparation of protein extracts from recalcitrant plant tissues: An evaluation of different methods for two-dimensional gel electrophoresis analysis. Proteomics 5 (10):2497-2507.