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Ruas, Max

Max Ruas, a French national, joined Bioversity International in 2000 where he started as head of IT of the Bioversity International office in Montpellier, France.

As he has the qualifications for both biology and database management, in 2013 he moved to the field of Genetic Resources Informatics.

Currently. Max is in charge of the Musa Germplasm Information System (MGIS) and the satellite softwares such as MusaTab and MusaID. He is a member of the Information Thematic Group of MusaNet.

After finishing his Master's degree in Computer Science, Max worked in a clinical research organization as Biological Data Manager from 1997 to 1999. The purpose of this work was to setup and manage a database for recording data collected in clinical trials, phases II and III.



Master I in Biology (option Genetics of Population), University of Montpellier II, France

Master II in Computer science, CNAM/University of Montpellier II, France