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Spellman, Olga

Science Writer, Editor and Process Manager

As Science Writer and Editor, Olga Spellman provides specialized support to scientists and global science teams in editing and shaping engaging, focused and high-quality funding applications and donor reports, while ensuring alignment to and compliance with donor guidelines. In her parallel role as Process Manager, she ensures compliance with internal institutional clearance procedures for funding applications and CGIAR research programme reporting. Olga also monitors a broad portfolio of active research grants, supporting the timely and quality delivery of reporting commitments to our investors. She helps review and streamline grants procedures, and provides scientific staff with advice and inputs on boosting focused results-based proposal writing.

Prior to joining Bioversity International, then IPGRI, in May 1996, Olga worked at the World Health Organization as a Programme Assistant to the Radiation Programme, at the organization's European Centre for Environment and Health, supporting a team working on the Chernobyl post-disaster management and medical research. She then joined Bioversity International as a Programme Assistant in the Regional Office for Europe, where she provided support to the Regional Director and three European Networks (ECPGR, EUFORGEN and NUS). In April 2004, she was promoted to Programme Specialist, coordinating the full production cycle, including editing and page layout, of the bi-annual Regional Newsletter for Europe. Her assignment also entailed substantive technical editing of the Regional Office's scientific web content and materials for publication.



BA Joint Honours in Modern Languages – University of Westminster, London (UK)

Publication highlights:

Thormann, I., Yang, Q., Allender, C. Bas N, Campbell G, Dulloo ME, Ebert AW, Lohwasser U, Pandey C, Robertson L, Spellman O. (2013). Development of best practices for ex situ conservation of radish germplasm in the context of the Crop Genebank Knowledge Base. Genet. Res. Crop Evol (2013) 60: 1251.Springer Netherlands.