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Vodouhe, Raymond

Raymond Vodouhe, Plant Breeder Geneticist, Genetic Diversity Specialist, Bioversity International

Plant Breeder Geneticist, Genetic Diversity Specialist

Raymond is a Project Leader for the 'Empowering Sahelian Farm initiative. He is also the Regional Focal Point for the CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems in West Africa.



Master in Plant Breeding and PhD in Plant Breeding for Resistance to diseases (Genetic resistance of rice to blast) 

Publication highlights:

L. Jackson, M. van Noordwijk, J. Bengtsson, W. Foster, L. Lipper, M. Pulleman, M. Said, J. Snaddon and R. Vodouhe. Biodiversity and agricultural sustainability: from assessment to adaptive management

R. Vodouhe, A. Dansi; H.T. Avohou; B. Kpeki and F. Azihou. Plant domestication and its contributions to in situ conservation of genetic resources in Benin. International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation Vol. 3(2), pp. 40-50 Feb. 2011