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Zhang, Zongwen

Zongwen Zhang, a Chinese national, joined Bioversity in December 1989 as Assistant Coordinator for East Asia. He was initially involved in regional projects in the Asia Pacific Oceania region with the focus on promoting underutilized crops, documentation and information management and traditional knowledge. He became Coordinator for East Asia in 2003.

Today, he is responsible for developing and coordinating the research programme on adaptation of agricultural biodiversity for climate changes, in situ and on farm conservation and underutilized crops in China and the East Asia region, and manage the collaborative activities between Bioversity and CAAS through the Centre of Excellence at CAAS and contribute to fundraising in China to support Bioversity's research agenda. He also manages and operates Bioversity East Asia sub-regional Office in Beijing.

During 1982-1989, he worked for Crop Germplasm Resources Institute of CAAS and was responsible for the characterization and evaluation of maize genetic resources in China. He was also involved in the national maize improvement programme in China.



PhD on Crop Breeding and Genetics, China Agricultural University, China

MSc on Conservation and Use of Plant Genetic Resources, Birmingham University, UK

Publication highlights:

Wu B., Lu P., Zhang Z. 2012. Recombinant microsatellite amplification: a rapid method for developing simple sequence repeat markers. Mol Breeding 29:53–59

Wu B., Zhang Z., Chen L., He M. 2012. Isolation and characterization of novel microsatellite markers for Avena sativa (Poaceae) (oat). Am J Bot  99(2):e69-71