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Bridging Agriculture and Conservation

Bridging Agriculture and Conservation

The Bridging Agriculture and Conservation Initiative will provide evidence-based solutions to feed a growing population, while ensuring long-term conservation of agricultural biodiversity.

The Initiative combines science, policy and advocacy to influence global policy agendas through evidence.

Current approaches to agriculture, which focus primarily on increasing agricultural productivity of a few major crops, are not a sustainable route to better food, nutrition and resilient, productive agricultural systems. Likewise, current approaches to conservation focus primarily on conserving biodiversity in a limited number of geographic locations. This is not enough. As the main driver of land conversion, agricultural landscapes and their ecosystems have to be part of the conservation agenda.

Partners & leadership

The Bridging Agriculture and Conservation Initiative (BACI), supported by The Christensen Fund, the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture (FBDS) and the CGIAR research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems brings together thought leaders and global experts to develop policy and management options to sustainably feed a growing population while ensuring ecosystem function and long-term conservation of biodiversity within agricultural landscapes.