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In collaboration with Bioversity International, European Commission International Cooperation and Development, Italy, Syngenta, United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition.

11 October | 14:30-15:00 CET | Sheikh Zayed Centre, Atrium (ground floor)

You are warmly invited to join us for this book launch event.

Mainstreaming Agrobiodiversity in Sustainable Food Systems: Scientific Foundations for an Agrobiodiversity Index showcases decades of evidence on how agrobiodiversity is essential for sustainable food systems, contributing  to nutritious, healthy diets and sustainable, multifunctional landscapes.  

The book outlines the role of agrobiodiversity in four interconnected dimensions:

  • Diverse, healthy diets
  • Multiple benefits from sustainable farming systems
  • Seed systems delivering crop diversity for sustainable food systems
  • Conserving agrobiodiversity for use in sustainable food systems.

Programme: 14:30-15:00 - Sheikh Zayed Centre, FAO Atrium

This 30 minute fast-paced event will introduce a short overview of the book followed by 3 minute speed talks, outlining why agricultural biodiversity matters for nutrition, food production systems and sustainable development. 

  • Ann Tutwiler, Director General, Bioversity International
  • Ambassador Pierfrancesco Sacco, Permanent Representative of the Italian Republic to the UN Agencies in Rome
  • Dr Roberto Ridolfi, Director of the European Commission for Sustainable Growth and Development, International Cooperation and Development (TBC)
  • Stineke Oenema, United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition (UNSCN) Coordinator
  • Juan Gonzalez-Valero, Head of Public Policy and Sustainability, Syngenta

Don't be late! A limited number of printed copies of the book will be distributed at the event, on a first come, first served basis.

The book is officially launched on 26th September when it will be made available online.

Light refreshments will be served just before the event at the Tree of Knowledge - just next to the Atrium Doors by the Sheikh Zayed Centre, FAO Atrium. Look for the signs or come and visit us at our marketplace stand.  This event will start and end punctually to respect the  wider CFS44 programme of events.

This programme is still being finalized and is subject to change.

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Read these short blogs written by Bioversity International scientists  about the main issues discussed in Chapter 2, 3, 4 and 5.

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What has agrobiodiversity ever done for us?

By Simon Attwood
There is a lot of biodiversity about, but what does it  do for us? Used effectively, agricultural biodiversity can make our diets healthier, and agriculture more resilient and sustainable

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Agricultural biodiversity – Use it or lose it!

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What are the conservation strategies for a precious resource – agricultural biodiversity? One of those strategies seems quite a paradox: the more you use it, the more you save it!

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