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As information about agricultural biodiversity resources is gathered around the world, managing information so it is easily shared and accessed is vital for the conservation and use of these resources.

Bioversity International, working with international partners, has developed effective systems to manage this task including:


ClimMob turns the research paradigm on its head; instead of a few researchers designing complicated trials to compare several technologies in search of the best solutions, it enables many farmers to carry out reasonably simple experiments that taken together can offer even more information.

The development of ClimMob to date has followed twin tracks, refining the processes and statistical approaches and developing an online platform to make it easier for researchers to manage and analyze tricot trials. The online platform is up and running for anyone to use, with a full set of explanatory videos (in English and Spanish) showing how to use it, and there is a mobile app that researchers can use on their smartphones.

Collecting Missions

Bioversity International is home to 3200 unique original field report documents which are now available online.  This collection is an invaluable history of plants that may have been lost from their fields and natural habitats, painstakingly recording information about more than 200,000 landrace and crop wild relative samples collected all over the world for almost forty years. Read more

New World Fruits Database

The New World Fruits Database aims at providing easier access to some basic, but often difficult to obtain, information on fruits from the New World. Key information provided includes data on nomenclature, taxonomic and vernacular, on fruit and plant uses and on distribution and origin. Links are provided to additional information, such as experts working on the different species, references and URLs, making the database a useful starting point in a search for more information on the selected species.  Read more

Species Compendium Database

Please note that the Bioversity Species Compendium is no longer available.  For information on seed storage behavior and other seed characteristics please visit the Seed Information Database.  You can also download a PDF version of the 1996 'Compendium of information on seed storage behaviour'.