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Compiling information is a huge job that is never finished. We are aware that the information provided by the New World Fruits Database is far from complete and that key information is missing for several species.

We therefore appeal to scientists, extension workers, fruit growers or fruit aficionados to help us in adding information to the database.

Please feel free to send us any additional information that you know of (preferably mentioning a source or bibliographic reference), including information on fruit species not yet in the database. We would also welcome good quality photographs of any of the species that you are willing to have posted on the Internet. The photographer is acknowledged alongside each picture.

We also welcome any suggestions or comments that would help us to improve the quality of the information given.

Please send any information to Marleni Ramirez.

Scientific content:

Xavier Scheldeman, Dimary Libreros (Bioversity)

Daniel Jiménez R (Bioversity-Colombia - CIAT)

James Cock (CIAT)

Geo Coppens D'Eeckenbrugge (CIRAD-FLHOR)

Database design:

Norbert Niederhauser

Page design:

Paola Revelo