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The Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter was one of Bioversity International’s flagship publications. Though no longer published, it has a long history, starting as the Plant Introduction Newsletter in 1957, published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO). Issues no. 1-24 make up the Plant Introduction Newsletter.

In 1971, with issue no. 25, the name of the publication changed to Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter to highlight the intensification of efforts in the field of genetic conservation, historical studies, collecting missions, documentation and genebank practice happening at the time.

For many scientists in developing countries, the Newsletter served as one of the first journals where they could publish peer-reviewed papers. For other scientists, it was one of the few peer-reviewed publications that specifically focused on plant genetic resource research.

In 1978, Bioversity International (then known as the International Board for Plant Genetic Resources), became co-publisher with FAO, and this collaboration continued until the last issue, no. 156, was published in 2008.

In 2014, the Bioversity International Library digitized all the issues of this important publication, which are now available full-text to all.

Browse the 156 issues of the Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter

We acknowledge the kind permission of FAO for allowing us to reproduce the Plant Introduction Newsletter (no. 1-24) and the Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter (no. 25-32) of which they hold the copyright.