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Agricultural and rural mechanisation in Nepal: status, issues and options for future

In: Mandal, M.A.S.; Biggs, S.D.; Justice, S.E. (eds.) (2017). Rural mechanisation: A driver in agricultural change and rural development. Dhaka, Bangladesh: Institute for Inclusive Finance and Development (InM).

Author: Gauchan, D.; Shrestha, S.

Publication year: 2017

Research and support services in seed production and supply in Nepal

In: Seed Industry Development in Nepal (Khanal, M. & R.Adhikari eds.)

Author: Gauchan, D.

Publication year: 2017

Challenges and approaches for inclusive value-chain development: introduction

In: Devaux, A., Torero, M., Donovan, J. & Horton, D. (eds). Innovation for Inclusive Value-Chain Development: Successes and Challenges

Author: Donovan, J.; Stoian, D.; Lundy, M.

Publication year: 2016

Value-chain development for rural poverty reduction: a reality check and a warning

In: Devaux, A.; Torero, M.; Donovan, J.; Horton, D. (eds.). Innovation for inclusive value-chain development: successes and challenges.

Author: Stoian, D.; Donovan, J.; Fisk, J.; Muldoon, M.

Publication year: 2016

Integrated systems research in nutrition-sensitive landscapes: A theoretical methodological framework

In: Oborn, I.; Vanlauwe, B.; Phillips, M.; Thomas, R.; Brooijmans, W.; Atta-Krah, K. (eds). Sustainable intensification in smallholder agriculture: An integrated systems research approach. Routledge. 388 p.

Author: Groot, J. C.J.; Kennedy, G.; Remans, R.; Estrada-Carmona, N.; Raneri, J.; DeClerck, F.; Alvarez, S.; Mashingaidze, N.; Timler, C.; Stadler, M.; del Rio Mena, T.; Horlings, L.; Brouwer, I.; Cole, S.M.; Descheemaeker, K.

Publication year: 2017

Nutrition-sensitive landscapes: approach and methods to assess food availability and diversification of diets

In: Oborn, I.; Vanlauwe, B.; Phillips, M.; Thomas, R.; Brooijmans, W.; Atta-Krah, K. (Eds). 2017. Sustainable Intensification in Smallholder Agriculture - An integrated systems research approach.

Author: Kennedy, G.; Raneri, J.; Termote, C.; Nowak, V.; Remans, R.; Groot. J.C.J.; Thilsted, S.H.

Publication year: 2017

Registros de la biodiversidad del bosque seco tropical colombiano: Plantas, escarabajos coprófagos y anfibios.

In Gomez, M.F. (et al (eds.)) BioDiversidad 2015. Estado y tendencias de la biodiversidad continental de Colombia.

Author: Gonzalez-M., R.; Thomas, E.; Vasquez Peinado, A.J.; Pizano, C.; Medina, C.A.; Gonzalez, A.; Acosta Galvis, A.R.; Garcia, H.

Publication year: 2016

Overcoming challenges for crops, people and policies in Central Africa. The story of CIALCA stakeholder engagement

In: Innovation platforms for agricultural development: evaluating the mature innovation platforms landscape. (Dror, I. et al. (eds.))

Author: Muchunguzi, P.; van Asten, P.; Vanlauwe, B.; Blomme, G.

Publication year: 2016

Values and benefits of protected areas

In Protected area governance and management. (Worboys, G.L. et al. (eds.))

Author: Stolton, S., Dudley, N., Avcioglu Cokcaliskan, B., Hunter, D., Ivanic, K.Z., Kanga, E., Kettunen, M., Kumagai, Y., Maxted, N., Senior, J., Wong, M., Keenleyside, K., Mulrooney, D., Waithaka, J.

Publication year: 2015

Biodiversity and nutrition

In Connecting global priorities: biodiversity and human health: a state of knowledge review. (Romanelli, C. et al.)

Author: Hunter, D.; Burlingame, B.; Remans, R.; Borelli, T.; Cogill, B.; Coradin, L.; Golden, C.D.; Jamnadass, R.; Kehlenbeck, K.; Kennedy, G.; Kuhnlein, H.; McMullin, S.; Myers, S.; Silva, A.J.R.; Saha, M.; Scheerer, L.; Shackleton, C.; Neves Soares Oliveira, C.; Termote, C.; Teofili, C.; Thilsted, S.; Valenti, R.

Publication year: 2015