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Genetic diversity of Parkia biglobosa (African locust bean) and its implications for conservation strategies. [Abstract]

Presented at: Tropentag 2016: Solidarity in a competing world — fair use of resources.

Author: Lompo, D.; Konrad, H.; Duminil, J.; Gaisberger, H.; Vinceti, B.; Ouedraogo, M.; Geburek, T.

Publication year: 2016

The chronology of banana as a source of provitamin A carotenoids and its potential contribution to alleviation of vitamin A deficiency among vulnerable population groups. [Abstract]

In: Biodiversity for improved nutrition and health: The critical role of food composition in decision making for agriculture and nutrition programming and policy. 11th IFDC Pre-Conference Workshop IV. Hyderabad, India, 2 November 2015

Author: Ekesa, B.; Kennedy, G.; van den Bergh, I.

Publication year: 2015

Extending Tripal to manage banana genetic resource information. [Abstract]

XXIV Plant and Animal Genome Conference. San Diego, CA (USA) 9-13 Jan 2016

Author: Guignon, V.; Andrieu, A.; Ficklin, S.P.; Ruas, M.; Roux, N.; Rouard, M.

Publication year: 2016

Transcriptomic profiling in Musa: a look into processes affected by mild osmotic stress in the root tip.  [Abstract]

XXIV Plant and Animal Genome Conference. San Diego, CA (USA) 9-13 Jan 2016

Author: Zorrilla-Fontanesi, Y.; Rouard, M.; Cenci, A.; Kissel, E.; Do, H.; Dubois, E.; Nidelet, S.; Roux, N.; Swennen, R.; Carpentier, S.C.

Publication year: 2016

Testing climate-smart agricultural technologies and practices in Southeast Asia: a manual for priority setting

Author: Vernooy, R.; Bertruso, A.; Le, B.V.; Pham, H.; Parker, L.; Kura, Y.

Publication year: 2015

Mutually supportive implementation of the Plant Treaty and the Nagoya Protocol

A primer for National Focal Points and other stakeholders. Discussion draft

Author: Halewood, M. (ed.)

Corporate author: Bioversity International, Rome (Italy)

Publication year: 2015

Strengthening the role of custodian farmers in the national conservation programme of Nepal

Proceedings from the National Workshop, 31 July to 2 August 2013, Pokhara, Nepal

Author: Sthapit, S.; Meldrum, G.; Padulosi, S.; Bergamini. N.

Corporate author: Bioversity International, Rome (Italy); LI-BIRD, Pokhara (Nepal)

Publication year: 2015