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The challenges of applying planetary boundaries as a basis for strategic decision-making in companies with global supply chains

Author: Clift, R.; Sim, S.; King, H.; Chenoweth, J.L.; Christie, I.; Clavreul, J.; Mueller, C.; Boulay, A.; Chaplin-Kramer, R.; Chatterton, J. ; DeClerck, F.; Druckman, A.; France, C.; Franco, A.; Gerten, D.; Goedkoop, M.; Hauschild, M.Z.; Huijbregts, M.A.J.; Koellner, T.; Lambin, E.F.B.; Lee, J.; Mair, S.; Marshall, S.; Milà i Canals, L.; Mitchell, C.; Posthuma, L.; Price, E.; Rockström, J.; Suckling, J.; Murphy, R.

Publication year: 2017

Adoption of improved potato varieties in Nepal

Author: Gairhe, S.; Gauchan, D.; Timsina, K.

Publication year: 2017

Farmers’ rights in South Asia’s IPR regime

Author: Gauchan, D.

Publication year: 2016

Joining smallholder farmers’ traditional knowledge with metric traits to select better varieties of Ethiopian wheat

Author: Mancini, C.; Kidane, Y.G.; Mengistu, D.K.; Pè, M.E.; Fadda, C.; Dell’Acqua, M;

Corporate author: Melfa and Workaye Farmer Community

Publication year: 2017

The accuracy of farmer-generated data in an agricultural citizen

Author: Steinke, J.; van Etten, J.; Mejía Zelan, P.

Publication year: 2017

NTFP harvesters as citizen scientists: Validating traditional and crowdsourced knowledge on seed production of Brazil nut trees in the Peruvian Amazon

Author: Thomas, E.; Valdivia, J.; Alcazar Caicedo, C.; Quaedvlieg, J.; Wadt, L.H.O.; Corvera, R.

Publication year: 2017

Complementary feeding practices of children aged 6-23 months in rural area, Southern-Benin: Challenges and opportunities

Author: Mitchodigni, I.M.; Hounkpatin, W.A.; Ntandou-Bouzitou, G.; Termote, C.; Kennedy, G.; Hounhouigan, D.J.

Publication year: 2017

Fruit production and consumption: practices, preferences and attitudes of women in rural western Kenya

Author: Keding, G.B.; Kehlenbeck, K.; Kennedy, G.; McMullin, S.

Publication year: 2017

Bacterial diseases of Bananas and Enset: current state of knowledge and integrated approaches toward sustainable management

Author: Blomme, G.; Dita, M.; Jacobsen, K.S.; Pérez Vicente, L.; Molina, A.; Ocimati, W.; Poussier, S.; Prior, P.

Publication year: 2017

Genome wide association study to identify the genetic base of smallholder farmer preferences of Durum wheat traits

Author: Kidane, Y.G.; Mancini, C.; Mengistu, D.K.; Frascaroli, E.; Fadda, C.; Pè, M.E.; Dell'Acqua, M.

Publication year: 2017