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Gender matters in Forest Landscape Restoration: A framework for design and evaluation

Author: Basnett, B.S; Elias, M.; Ihalainen, M.; Paez Valencia, A.M.

Publication year: 2017

Feasibility study for a safety back-up cryopreservation facility. Independent expert report: July 2017

Author: Acker, J.P.; Adkins, S.; Alves, A.; Horna, D.; Toll, J.

Publication year: 2017

Entry points for enabling gender equality in agricultural and environmental innovation

Author: Petesch, P.; Badstue, L.; Prain, G.; Elias, M.; Tegbaru, A.

Publication year: 2017

Review of the CFC/ICCO/Bioversity project on cacao germplasm evaluation (1998-2010)

Author: Medina, V.; Meter, A.; Demers, N.; Laliberte, B.

Publication year: 2017

National strategic plan for the conservation and use of priority crop wild relatives in Zambia

Corporate author: Bioversity International; University of Birmingham (UoB) School of Biosciences; The Faculty of Agriculture, Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI)

Publication year: 2016

Demand-led approaches to drive post-harvest innovation and nutritious RTB products

Author: Maziya-Dixon, B.; Ofei, R.; Grant, F.; Stoian, D.; Tran, T.; Heck, S.

Publication year: 2017

Food biodiversity for healthy, diverse diets

In: Bioversity International. Mainstreaming agrobiodiversity in sustainable food systems: Scientific foundations for an agrobiodiversity index.

Author: Kennedy, G.; Stoian, D.; Hunter, D.; Kikulwe, E.; Termote, C.; Alders, R., Burlingame, B., Jamnadass, R., McMullin, S.; Thilsted, S.

Publication year: 2017

Schools as a system to improve nutrition: A new statement for school-based food and nutrition interventions

Author: Hunter, D.; Giyose, B.; PoloGalante, A.; Tartanac, F.; Bundy, D.; Mitchell, A.; Moleah, T.; Friedrich, J.; Alderman, A.; Drake, L.; Kupka, R.; Marshall, Q.; Engesveen, K.; Oenema, S.

Publication year: 2017