Biodiversity of Andean grains: balancing market potential and sustainable livelihoods

The publication aims at shedding light on the use, nutritional properties, market potential and contribution to local livelihoods of Andean grains (quinoa, cañahua and amaranth). It addresses some of the research gaps regarding knowledge of the use, as well as the market and non-market value of these crops and their associated traditional knowledge, taking into account local livelihood assets of people living in difficult environments. It also investigates what effects the change from subsistence to market production has on farming communities and their environment. It is hoped that this book, which focuses in particular on quinoa in Southern Bolivia, will be helpful in providing food for thought in the occasion of the UN 2013 International Year of Quinoa, and serve at the same time as guidance for the future promotion of other currently underutilized crops.

Giuliani, A.; Hintermann, F.; Rojas, W.; Padulosi, S. (eds.)
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Bioversity International, Rome (Italy); Bern University of Applied Science - School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences
192 p.
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