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Community seedbanking to improve the resilience of farmers: the case of Kiziba seedbank in Uganda

The Kiziba seedbank was established in June 2010 in Kabwohe site as part of a project to improve the productivity and resilience of seeds for farmers through enhanced use of crop varietal diversity, focusing on Common bean and Banana. Common bean has been primarily managed by women, therefore this project not only benefitted local farmers but it also benefitted women in terms of availaing them with the much needed diversity, and equipping them with the capacities to grow better seeds for better yields, food and seed security.

Category: Factsheets

Author: Nankya, R.; Mulumba, J.W.; Lopez, I.; Jarvis, D.I.

Pages: 4 p.

Publisher: Bioversity International

Publication Year: 2017

Publication Format: PDF

Language: EN

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