Core collections of plant genetic resources

The core collection concept has aroused considerable worldwide interest and debate within the plant genetic resources community. It has been welcomed as a way of making an existing collection more accessible through designating a small group of accessions that would be the focus of evaluation and use and would provide an entry point to the larger collection which it aims to represent. However, concerns remain that the available knowledge of genetic diversity is still not sufficient, in any crop, to enable a meaningful core to be selected and that many of the useful character occur at such a low frequency that they would almost always be omitted from a small core collection, no matter how it was selected. This publications describes the current state of the art with respect to: methods of data analysis for developing core collections, use of different kinds of data in developing core collections, managing and testing core collections and using core collections.

Hodgkin, T.; Brown, A.H.D.; van Hintum, Th.J.L.; Morales, E.A.V. (eds.)
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International Plant Genetic Resources Instit., (IPGRI), Rome (Italy)
269 p.
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17.5x25 Hardcover
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