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Delivering distance education on plant genetic resources

An evaluation of the collaborative association between CIAT, Bioversity International, UNC and REDCAPA on conducting a distance-education course on the ex situ conservation of plant genetic resources.

This report describes the activities of a collaborative association between the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Bioversity International (formerly the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI)), the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNC), and the Network of Institutions Dedicated to Teaching Agricultural and Rural Development Policies for Latin America and the Caribbean (REDCAPA). The association aimed to conduct a distance-education course on the ex situ conservation of plant genetic resources.  The aim of this report is to document the association's activities and analyse them to extract the lessons learned in the process, thereby orienting this initiative's future activities and serving as a point of reference for others. The report comprises the main text, which summarizes the activities, and seven appendices with supporting information. The report was prepared with contributions from several people who participated in the association's activities.

Category: Occasional/Discussion/Working papers

Author: Baena, M.; Mejía, M.; Pineda, B.; Hidalgo, R.; Hesse, E.; Goldberg, E.; Amariles, F.

Pages: 87 p.

Publication Year: 2007

Publication Format: A4

ISBN-13: 978-92-9043-755-0

Language: EN

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