Descriptores para arroz silvestre e cultivado (Oryza spp.)

Originally published in English: Descriptors for wild and cultivated rice (Oryza spp.), 2007, Bioversity International, IRRI and AfricaRice. Translated into Portuguese by EMBRAPA, Arroz e Feijão, Brasil.

This is a revision of the original publication ‘Descriptors for rice (Oryza sativa L.)’ (1980, IBPGR/IRRI), expanded to include descriptors for wild rice species of the genus Oryza, and harmonized with descriptors developed by UPOV (2004) for new cultivars of cultivated rice. The revision has been developed in collaboration with a number of experts and includes FAO/IPGRI Multicrop passport descriptors [MCPD] developed to provide consistent coding schemes for common passport descriptors across crops.

A comparison table of standard colour charts is provided in Annex II for conversion of colour descriptors and Annex III has a table containing cross-references to other documentation systems and their recording stages.

Any suggestions for improvement on the ‘Descriptors for wild and cultivated rice’ will be highly appreciated by Bioversity, IRRI and AfricaRice.

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Bioversity International, Rome, (Italy); International Rice Research Institute, Los Baños, (Filipinas); AfricaRice, Centro de Arroz da Africa, Cotonou, (Benin)
74 p.
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