Descriptors for tree tomato (Solanum betaceum Cav.) and wild relatives

Descriptors for tree tomato (Solanum betaceum Cav.) and wild relatives were developed by Dr P.G. Acosta-Quezada, Eng. T.E. Riofrío-Cuenca, Prof. Dr J.B. Martínez-Laborde, and Prof. Dr J. Prohens. Information on wild species has been mostly based on the personal experience of the authors and the research findings of Dr L. Bohs (1994). The draft document was enriched with valuable research inputs from Drs C.I. Medina Cano and M. Lobo Arias from CORPOICA, Colombia. 

This work aims to enhance the use and conservation of plant genetic resources and is expected will contribute to studies focusing on the analysis of genetic diversity, germplasm management, definition of new varieties and useful traits for crop improvement.

The scientific overview of this document was provided by Dr S. Padulosi and the technical advice and coordination of the development process by A. Alercia from Bioversity.

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Bioversity International, Rome (Italy); Departamento de Ciencias Agropecuarias y de Alimentos (UTPL), Loja (Ecuador); Instituto de Conservación y Mejora de la Agrodiversidad Valenciana, Valencia (Spain)
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