Directrices tecnicas para el movimiento seguro del germoplasma del cacao

Version revisada de las Directrices Tecnicas de FAO/IPGRI No. 20 (Tercera actualizacion, Octubre de 2017)

These guidelines describe technical procedures that minimize the risk of pest introductions with movement of cacao germplasm for research, crop improvement, plant breeding, exploration or conservation. The recommendations made in these guidelines are intended for small, specialized consignments used in research programmes, e.g. for collection, conservation and utilization for breeding of plant genetic resources.

These guidelines are not meant for trade and commercial consignments concerning export and import of germplasm or cocoa beans.  The conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources and their global distribution are essential components of research activities underpinning improvement programmes.  Inevitably, the movement of germplasm involves a risk of accidentally introducing pests along with the host plant. To minimize such risks, preventive measures and effective testing procedures are required to ensure that distributed material is free of pests of potential phytosanitary importance.  The international, and inter-regional, movement of germplasm for research, conservation and breeding requires complete and up to date information concerning the phytosanitary status of the plant germplasm. Relevant and current national regulatory information governing the export and importation of plant germplasm in countries is essential. 

This revision has been produced by the Safe Movement Working Group of CacaoNet. These reflect the consensus and knowledge of the specialists who have contributed to this revision but the information provided needs to be regularly updated. These CacaoNet Guidelines were first published on-line in 2012 but have been revised in 2014 and in 2017 to take account of new information received.

End, M.J.; Daymond, A.J.; Hadley, P. (eds.)
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Global Cacao Genetic Resources Network (CacaoNet); Bioversity International
93 p.
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