Mise en œuvre du systeme multilateral d’acces et de partage des avantages du Traite international au Rwanda

Analyse contextuelle, recommandations et projet d’acte legislatif pour examen

The study analyzes options for implementing the Plant Treaty's multilateral system of access and benefit-sharing in Rwanda. The study includes an overview of a range of pre-existing Rwandan national policies and laws that are of potential relevance when developing a strategy for implementing the multilateral system, identifying complementarities and (in a few rare cases) conflicts between those policies and laws and Rwanda's commitments under the Plant Treaty. The study presents the results of the authors' analysis of 8 issues that policy makers need to take into consideration when developing a strategy to implement the multilateral system. The study culminates with draft text of a national law to implement the multilateral system in Rwanda, (in a way that is mutually supportive of strategies to implement the Nagoya Protocol). To  conduct the study, the  authors 'piloted' use of the recently published  Decision-making tool for national implementation of the Plant Treaty's multilateral system of access and benefit-sharing (Joint Capacity Building Programme 2018). 

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Turamwishimiye, M.R.; Gapusi, J.R.
82 p.
Bioversity International; Office Rwandais de Développement de l’agriculture et des ressources animales (RAB)
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