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Promoting gender equality, social inclusion and Biodiversity conservation in Nepal’s home gardens

Bioversity International, the Nepalese LI-BIRD NGO and the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation led a project from 2002-2012 in Nepal's mid-hills and Terai to promote technologies, approaches and methods for sustainable on-farm management of plant genetic resources and improve food security through the use of home gardens. The Home Gardens project was a successful example of increasing production, consumption and income of the rural poor, and has made an important contribution to strengthening the capacities of farmers and promoting more equitable gender relations.

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Author: Elias, M.; Gauchan, D.; Gotor, E.; Sthapit, B.

Pages: 4 p.

Publisher: Bioversity International

Publication Year: 2017

Publication Format: PDF

Language: EN

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