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Routledge handbook of agricultural biodiversity

This Handbook presents a comprehensive overview of our current knowledge of agricultural biodiversity in a series of specially commissioned chapters. It draws on multiple disciplines including plant and animal genetics, ecology, crop and animal science, food studies and nutrition, as well as social science subjects which explore the socio-economic, cultural, institutional, legal and policy aspects of agricultural biodiversity. It focuses not only on the core requirements to deliver a sustainable agriculture and food supply, but also highlights the additional ecosystem services provided by a diverse and resilient agricultural landscape and farming practices. The book provides an indispensable reference textbook for a wide range of courses in agriculture, ecology, biodiversity conservation and environmental studies.

Category: Books

Author: Hunter, D.; Guarino, L.; Spillane, C.; McKeown, P.C. (eds.)

Pages: 696 p.

Publisher: Routledge

Publication Year: 2017

ISBN-13: 9780415746922

Language: EN

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