Scaling readiness: Accelerating the scaling of RTB interventions

This is the first of the series of newsletters that will capture our efforts to develop an approach that will accelerate the scaling of innovations in the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB). The newsletters will capture the major concepts of scaling readiness, activities, and information about the RTB cases in which we are developing and testing the approach. The scaling readiness project is an Earmarked Funded project under RTB Cluster 5.4 and is implemented by Wageningen University , IITA, Bioversity International, CIAT and CIP. This first newsletter provides (1) the objectives of the scaling readiness project, (2) background on innovations and scaling of innovations, (3) concepts of scaling readiness, and (4) testing of scaling readiness in four RTB projects. 1. Objective of the scaling readiness project Scaling of agricultural innovations is one of the biggest challenges for research for development organisations, in the CGIAR and beyond. For a long time, scaling of innovation was considered to be done at the end of a project, through handing out flyers to farmers, or summary sheets and briefs to policy makers. The results have been very disappointing and the CGIAR is under pressure to demonstrate how research outputs lead to development outcomes and impacts. The thinking about scaling and the science on how best to do it, has been neglected for a long time. The " scaling readiness " project builds on state-of-the-art science and scientific methods to shed more light on how scaling occurs in practice and what tools and methods can accelerate scaling of innovations in agricultural research for development (AR4D) projects. In doing so, the scaling readiness project aims to:

1. Assess the potential of RTB technologies and innovations to be used at scale;

2. Provide strategies to accelerate the scaling of RTB technologies and other innovations;

3. Measure the performance of RTB projects in terms of enhancing their scaling readiness;

4. Inform RTB managers and other key stakeholders about strategic scaling actions and partnerships

Sartas, M.; Schut, M.; Stoian, D.; Velasco, C.; Campilan, D.; Thiele, G.; Leeuwis, C.
Scaling Readiness Newsletter Series #1
4 p.
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