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As part of the implementation of the Darwin project, a workshop for the exchange of genetic resources between the communities of Bonou and Tori-Bossito was planned. Community members from Bonou went to Tori-Bossito with with a variety of varieties of maize, cassava, cowpea, sweet potato, yam and Ahipa. The community of Tori-Bossito brought various varieties of maize, cassava and yam.

In the fourth image below, the King of Bonou is giving seeds of the Ahipa (contained in the bottle) and a root of Ahipa are given to Mr. Agbahounzo Blaise, president of the seed producers of Tori-Bossito.


Besides allowing the exchange of genetic resources between the two communities, the workshop provided the time and space to work with the  to realize the support of potential potential suppliers and beneficiaries of genetic resources and traditional knowledge, (ii) to develop Access and benefit-sharing agreements and (iii) finalize ABS agreements at Community level. 

In addition, the workshop constituted a great opportunity for enhancing both communities' capacity for developing community biodiversity protocols for regulating access and benefit sharing of PGRFA at the community level. The workshop was attended by 65 people, including 13 women.

More information about the workshop is available in the reportdeveloped by the national team.


This project is conducted with the support of the Darwin Initiative - a UK Government Funded Programme. It is carried out in collaboration with the ABS Capacity Development Initiative, the Secretariats of the CBD and the ITPGRFA and the AUC. It is delivered through the CGIAR Research Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) and through Bioversity International.