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In Madagascar, the project supported the development of legal instruments to implement the ITPGRFA and the Nagoya Protocol in a mutually supportive manner. Two new laws were adopted, one linked to each international agreement. They were designed to be interim measures, until such time as it was possible to develop national legislation.

On 31 January 2017, the government and the Council of Ministers adopted the Decree for the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol (Decree N°2017-066, 31/01/2017 regulating ABS resulting from the use of genetic resources). On 16 May 2017, the Prime Minister adopted the order No. 11 567/2017 on Interim Measures to Apply for access and benefit sharing to plant genetic resources for food and agriculture under the multilateral system of access and benefit sharing of the ITPGRFA. Both instruments make cross-references to each other, clearly indicating where one applies and the other does not.

The two legal text are available at the ABS Clearing House of the CBD:

  • Décret N° 2017 – 066 du 31/01/2017 portant réglementation de l’accès et du partage des avantages découlant de l’utilisation des ressources génétiques (available at:
  • Arrete Nº 567/2017 Portant sur les mesures intérimaires de demande d’accès aux Ressources Phytogénétiques pour l’Alimentation et l’Agriculture et de partage des avantages dans le cadre du Systeme Multilatéral du Traité International sur les Ressources Phytogénétiques pour l’Alimentation et l’Agriculture (available at:

Thereafter, a training workshop was organized to increase awareness among different stakeholders on the systems and legal framework put in place as a result of the adoption of these legal instruments. The workshop was held on December 11, 2017 in Antananarivo. More than 50 officials involved in the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol and the ITPGRFA from different ministries at the national level attended the event. In particular, the participants belonged to the Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock, the Ministry of Environment, Ecology and Forests, the Ministry of Scientific Research, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




This project is conducted with the support of the Darwin Initiative - a UK Government Funded Programme. It is carried out in collaboration with the ABS Capacity Development Initiative, the Secretariats of the CBD and the ITPGRFA and the AUC. It is delivered through the CGIAR Research Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) and through Bioversity International.