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National partners from Benin organized a capacity building session was held for the communities about the recently developed community biodiversity registries in Tori Bossito on September 26, 2017. The workshop provided room to:

  • Present and finalize the outline of the Biodiversity Register of the Municipality of Tori Bossito;
  • Strengthen the communities’ capacities to include data into the Biodiversity Registry;
  • Establish the Biodiversity Registries Management Committee, which is composed by five members and two resource persons.

The model of the Biodiversity Register of Tori Bossito was presented to the participants who made observations, contributions and corrections to improve the document. Some of the main observations made by the participants includ

  • The importance of taking into account all existing plant genetic resources in the municipality of Tori Bossito,
  • To start thinking about producing a similar register for animal genetic resources
  • The next step should consist of make copies of the registry document to local communities,
  • The need to schedule a following up validation session to bring together all stakeholders in the resource area to ensure that all corrections and comments have been integrated.


Capacity Building Workshop on Managing Biodiversity Registries in Tori Bossito, Benin. September 26, 2017


This project is conducted with the support of the Darwin Initiative - a UK Government Funded Programme. It is carried out in collaboration with the ABS Capacity Development Initiative, the Secretariats of the CBD and the ITPGRFA and the AUC. It is delivered through the CGIAR Research Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) and through Bioversity International.