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For the last 15 years of UNEP’s supported work on mainstreaming of biodiversity into agriculture production sectors in 57 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America in both global and single country GEF projects.

These projects have promoted the maintenance of biodiversity of cultivated plants and their wild relatives, animals, pollinators and soils. They have included the development of more sustainable production practices (e.g. pest and disease reduction), improved livelihoods and improved food security and nutrition. The work has involved social, economic and policy dimensions and developed approaches which are relevant at farm, community, landscape and country levels.

The side event will showcase a range of tools and approaches that have been tested and developed as result of these projects which demonstrate not only that it is both possible and practical to mainstream biodiversity into production sectors but that also provide experience on how this can be done. Discussion will be further focused on most recent work that shows how the approaches that have been developed can be adopted and used at landscape scales and mainstreamed into landscape restoration practices in collaboration with rural communities, indigenous peoples groups, civil society organisations, scientific community and decision makers to sustain delivery of ecosystem services, increase adaptation options and strengthen resilience to climate change.

The event will promote discussions on the challenges and solutions while providing an open dialogue to enhance technical and scientific cooperation for the replication of best practices and capacity-building on mainstreaming.

A publication on UNEP/GEF Mainstreaming portfolio of projects will be also launched.

In partnership with UNEP | CBD | FAO | CGIAR | PAR