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The Newsletter publishes significant and innovative papers in the broad field of plant genetic resources of useful plants, resulting from new work, historical study, review and criticism in genetic diversity, ethnobotanical and ecogeographical surveying, herbarium studies, collecting, characterization and evaluation, conservation and genebank practice. The Newsletter aims to take advantage of its very considerable geographical distribution to disseminate knowledge particularly to developing countries.


The Newsletter publishes papers that fall into two main groups:

1) "regular articles", which make a significant contribution to the existing body of knowledge of a particular subject; and

2) "notes", which may be simple accounts of collecting missions, or other short communications on some aspect of plant genetic resources that are nevertheless interesting and scientifically valid.

In addition, the Newsletter will consider reviews and discussion papers, news, notes, conference summaries and book, software and product reviews. Notwithstanding the type of paper submitted, referees should review the content of a paper for the Newsletter with the following questions in mind:
- Does the paper report new, significant or innovative work?
- Is the title accurate and informative?
- Does an introduction describe the background and objectives of the work?
- Are the methods explained clearly enough for the reader to repeat the work?
- Are the results valid, properly presented and described?
- Is any criticism or review well thought out, supported and researched?
- Do any parts of the paper need to be shortened, or lengthened?
- Is the paper adequately referenced?
- Are all figures, tables and photographs necessary?
- Can the paper be improved in any other way?
- Can the paper be:
   - Accepted as it stands?
   - Accepted conditional on recommended revisions?
   - Submitted for reconsideration after recommended revisions?
   - Rejected?

Where rejection is recommended, referees are asked to give clear reasons that may be incorporated in the letter informing the author(s) of the decision.

Please return your comments within one month from the date of receipt of the article. 

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This newsletter published under the joint auspices of the Bioversity International (Bioversity) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), features articles and reviews of developments in plant genetic resources, book reviews, news and notes on Bioversity International activities.

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