Procedures for Handling Seeds in Genebanks

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J. Hanson



IBPGR Secretariat
Rome, 1985

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Fruits of Zizyphus mauritania Lam. and Pennisetum mollisimum Hochst.
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Table of Contents



I. Sample Registration

II. Seed Cleaning

III. Seed Moisture Content

Prediction of seed moisture content
Determination of seed moisture content

IV. Seed Drying

Prediction of drying period
Seed drying procedures

V. Seed Viability

VI. Seed Packaging

VII. Seed Storage

VIII. Monitoring Accessions

IX. Distribution of Germplasm from Active Collections

X. Regeneration of Accessions

Appendix I. Further reading

Appendix II. Glossary of technical terms

Appendix III. Suitable equipment for use in genebanks

Appendix IV. Experts to contact for advice