Bamboo - Conservation, Diversity, Ecogeography, Germplasm, Resource Utilization and Taxonomy

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The work on Bamboo and Rattan Genetic Resources is supported by Japanese Government.

Proceedings of training course cum workshop
10-17 May 1998, Kunming and Xishuanbanna, Yunnan, China

A.N. Rao and V. Ramanatha Rao (editors)

IPGRI is an institute of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)

Table of Contents





Message - Prof Jiang Jit Hui

Message - Prof Wu Zhengyi

Message - Prof Hao Xiaojiang

Introductory remarks - Dr V. Ramanatha Rao

Bamboo Training Course/Workshop

Summary report on training course cum workshop on bamboos - A.N. Rao

Bamboo resources and their utilization in China - Yang Yuming and Xue Jiru

Taxonomy and biogeography of the Bambuseae (Gramineae: Bambusoideae) - D.Z. Li

Ecology and habitats of bamboos in Yunnan, China - Wang Kanglin

Bamboo distribution and utilization - Yang Yuming, Wang Kanglin and Hui Chaomao

A review of bamboo resources in Yunnan, China - Yang Yuming, Xue Jiru, A.N. Rao and Pei Sheng Ji

Germplasm conservation and seed handling - Hui Chao-Mao

Germplasm survey, collecting and characterization of bamboo species - Sudhir Kochhar

Ethnobotany of bamboos in Yunnan - Pei Shengji, Wang Kanglin and Chen Sanyang

Criteria for selection of superior bamboo varieties, propagation and plantation establishment - Fu Maoyi

Strategies for Collecting Bamboo Germplasm - V. Ramanatha Rao

Xishuangbanna Botanic Garden and its research activities - Li Liming

Genetic diversity of woody bamboos - their conservation and improvement - A.N. Rao

Country reports

Bamboo resources, management and utilization in Bangladesh - Ratan Lal Banik

Bamboo resources, conservation and utilization in Cambodia - Meng Monyrak

Bamboo resources and utilization in China - Fu Maoyi

Bamboo diversity and conservation in India - Sas Biswas

State of the art of Indonesian Bamboo - Elizabeth A. Widjaja

Bamboo resources conservation and utilization in Malaysia - Azmy Hj. Mohamed and S. Appanah

Bamboos of Myanmar - Nyan Htun

Distribution and status of bamboos in Nepal - Keshab Shrestha

Bamboo research in the Philippines - Cristina A. Roxas

Bamboo resources and utilization in Sri Lanka - Dayananda Kariyawasam

Bamboo research and development in Thailand - Rungnapar Pattanavibool

Bamboo resources in Vietnam - Ngo Thi Minh Duyen

List of participants

Participants - Group photo

Bamboo Training Course/Workshop programme


Photographs - Instant bamboo housing

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