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Message - Prof Jiang Jit Hui

Distinguished participants,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, IPGRI, INBAR and ICIMOD are jointly holding an International Bamboo Species Workshop in Kunming which is a scenic and beautiful city indeed. On this occasion may I extend my heartiest compliments to this training course cum workshop on behalf of the National Department of Forestry, China, Faculty of Forestry, China Bamboo Production Association and INBAR.

The southwest region of China, one of the world's resourceful regions for bamboo has its unique ecology for the natural growth of these species. As such, the development of bamboo resources, the proliferation of bamboo culture in China and the consistent development and proper utilization of the regional resources will, of course, help to develop rural economy and eradicate poverty of the people in the Asian region. The improvement of ecological environment, moreover, has an important meaning in reality with deep and historical effects.

I sincerely hope that this training course cum workshop will eventually bring integrated development to the bamboo resources in the southwest region and act as a consistent pivot to the real social-economic development of this region. Last but not least, I am confident that this workshop will be beneficial and fruitful in the end.

Once again, I congratulate the organizers, as well as all the participants and wish the workshop every success.

Professor Dr Jiang Jit Hui
Member of National Forestry Department
Dean of China Forestry Faculty
President, China Bamboo Production Association
Co-Chairperson of INBAR

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