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02 Mar 2018

On the 10th anniversary of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a call for conserving the rest of the world's food

This week Ann Tutwiler was privileged to join the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault where she presented on why the world also needs a backup collection for crops that cannot be conserved by seed. Read her blog.

01 Mar 2018

Peru and Bioversity International sign an agreement to advance research on cocoa

Out of 40 project proposals, the Ministry of Agriculture of Peru selected the top 6, based on technical quality, impact on generating small producers' competitiveness and potential for improving the national diet. A proposal by Bioversity International and partners to improve cocoa is one ... read more

01 Mar 2018

MINAGRI firma convenios para ejecutar proyectos de investigación agraria y de transferencia de tecnología

De las 40 propuestas de proyectos, el Ministerio de Agricultura e Irrigación de Perú escogió sus 6 principales, en mérito a la calidad técnica, impacto en la generación en la competitividad de los pequeños productores y mejora de la alimentación nacional. Uno de los seis ganadores, que será ... read more

27 Feb 2018

Searching for pathways towards equitable and sustainable reservoir management

Bioversity International and partners work closely with local communities in Burkina Faso to tackle the dry season water constraints by supporting community-driven innovations that increase the equity and sustainability of reservoir management.

13 Feb 2018

From innovation to childhood memories – savoring Valentine’s Day chocolate

Amidst preparations for a cocoa bean auction in Amsterdam’s historical stock exchange, Brigitte Laliberté stops to chat to us about the newly released ruby chocolate, Cocoa of Excellence Programme's plans for the year and what she thinks is the best chocolate to give to a special someone on ... read more

06 Feb 2018

CGIAR centres and research programmes combine forces to reduce the damage of banana disease in Uganda

Bioversity International brings together a highly multidisciplinary team with the aim of making innovative breakthroughs to curb the spread of Banana Xanthomonas Wilt while minimizing the costs.

02 Feb 2018

World Economic Forum highlights diversity as a key resilience strategy for future shocks

Every year since 2005, the World Economic Forum releases a Global Risks Report, which analyses the evolution and intensity of global risks. Ann Tutwiler reflects on how agricultural biodiversity can mitigate these risks and enhance resilience in her latest DG Dialogues blog.

10 Jan 2018

Dietary Species Richness, an important measure of a healthy diet

A validated biodiversity indicator points to the importance of diversity in diets to improve human and planetary health.

22 Dec 2017

Global Landscapes Forum - A movement worth building

Bioversity International participated in several activities during this year's Global Landscapes Forum held in Bonn on 19-20 December, where the President of Mauritius emphasized the need for an Agrobiodiversity Index. 

20 Dec 2017

A climate change atlas for Central America

Users can now explore the predicted effects of climate change on important agroforestry species.