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Bridging Agriculture and Conservation

Rice fields in China. Credit: Bioversity/C. Fadda
Rice fields in China. Credit: Bioversity/C. Fadda

An initiative led by Bioversity International, launched in 2013, is working with partners to address the challenges facing agriculture and conservation. Bioversity Programme Leader, Dr. Fabrice DeClerck, explains more in International Innovation.

Research-for-development organisation Bioversity International is working globally with partners to address the current and future challenges facing agriculture and conservation. Dr Fabrice DeClerck, leader of the Agrobiodiversity & Ecosystem Services Programme at Bioversity, discusses their latest initiative in International Innovation.

A year ago, global leaders met in Rio de Janeiro to shape the future of sustainable development by defining the global Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring food security and sustainable agriculture was the cornerstone of those discussions. Whereas the 20th Century was about the need to increase production in agriculture, today we know that to meet current and future challenges of biodiversity conservation, food security and poverty alleviation, we need new solutions. In response to this need, Bioversity International and partners have launched a global initiative.

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