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Fruit trees key to restoring degraded land in Central Asia

Contrast of barren landscape and fruit tree orchard in Kyrgyzstan. Credit:Bioversity International/P.Quek

Bioversity researchers are working with national partners to restore degraded lands in Central Asia with native fruit tree species. Learn more in this blog post on the Agriculture & Ecosystems blog.

A burst of green brightens up what is otherwise a barren, rocky landscape in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Gulmira Sharsheeva and her husband established an orchard of fruit trees here in 1990; 4.5 hectares of land that is now brimming with local varieties of apples, apricots, pears and cherry. Agriculture transforms the landscape in this region, and Gulmira’s orchard shows how local fruit tree diversity can also provide her family with a reliable source of income.

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