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Linking local plans to the big picture - an experience from Fiji

Coral washed up by the waves in Fiji. Credit: Bioversity International/D.Mijatovic

How can we bring together the large-scale and the local scale? Read this experience of using resilience indicators in Fiji in a guest post by Bioversity International on the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature blog.

When we talk about large-scale landscape initiatives, one of the biggest risks is losing out on the detail. How do we continue to take into account the intricate dynamics between people and nature as we go bigger and bigger? Many large-scale initiatives can be quite top-down, while most people living in a landscape see things more locally and focus on aspects directly relevant to them. There are advantages to both approaches, but how can we develop strategies that bring together the two scales?

For several years now, Bioversity International has been working with the Satoyama Initiative to better understand the resilience of communities and their landscapes.

Read the full blog post about our experience in Fiji on the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature blog by Nadia Bergamini and Camilla Zanzanaini