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Supporting the resilience of indigenous peoples during COVID-19

Following the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, the Alliance shares the following statement by our colleagues at the Indigenous Partnership (TIP) / North East Slow Food & Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS).

“As we commemorate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People, let us not forget that supporting Indigenous Peoples is not only a social good; it is also a sound development policy.  Defending the lands, languages and cultural practices of indigenous peoples and tackling the racism and injustices against them will lessen the outbreaks of future pandemics and manage climate change

Although there has been no homogenous pattern in the responses of Indigenous Peoples to COVID-19, Indigenous Peoples in many countries such as India (Meghalaya, Mizoram, Sikkim), Thailand (Northern Thailand), The Philippines (Cordillera Region) etc. have very few COVID cases and their coping strategies have displayed their resilience. Their close relationship to nature and their respect of the wisdom and advice of Elders and those in governance have helped them to smoothly follow traditional isolation practices and to turn to often neglected local livelihoods and local food production systems." 


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