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Workshop on data management in agriculture

PhenoHarmonIS workshop 2018, organized by Bioversity International and partners, on harmonization of data for plants will take place on 14-18 May in Montpellier and can be followed online.

The objective of the workshop is to identify ways of adopting best practices for producing quality data in agriculture that can be used to provide relevant information services to farmers' communities, agronomists and breeders. 

As per the recommendation made by participants in 2016, the PhenoHarmonIS 2018 workshop will also assess the progress made in adopting, further developing and amalgamating the largely accepted standards and tools into a functional workflow. 

Scientific domains tackled will include conservation, breeding, quality traits, agronomy and agro-ecology. Scientists of each domain will be invited to provide their feedback on the standards and tools they have used in their data management and analytic processes, sharing success stories, issues and gaps.

This workshop is sponsored by Bioversity International, CIRAD, CGIAR Big Data, CGIAR Roots, Tubers and Bananas Programme, Phenome project, INRA, Planteome, and Digitag. The 110 participants attending the workshop come from 29 countries and 41 different public institutions, universities and entreprises.

The plenary sessions are open to non-registered attendees and will be held in the Auditorium J. Alliot and can also be followed live online:

See the draft agenda, and for more details click here.